How About Some Ropa Vieja (Old Clothes) ?

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Ropa Vieja or Old Clothes is the colorful Mexican term for shredded beef. Remember when I asked if you would eat a Huarache (Sandal)? Today I am asking you if you would like some Ropa Viejaropa-viejaif you have eaten a shredded beef taco, you have eaten Ropa Vieja! It is a basic for many Mexican culinary dishes. Not only that, but it is incredibly easy to make. Read the rest of this entry »


Salsa de Arbol, Repeat

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I am re-posting this today because we love this salsa so much, it is a regular item on my canning list. This weekend. despite my difficulties with the splint, I had to make some more for our pantry. Mr. M was my able bodied helper, so we tripled the recipe, starting with three dried ounces of chilies. To make things a little easier, I also started with large number ten cans of crushed organic tomatoes. This was Mr. M’s first foray into canning and he was a great help! The result was 17 half pint and four pint jars. What a treasure trove!

As I have mentioned about the variability of the hotness of chiles, this time the salsa is Muy Picante. We will be using this one judiciously. I do have a recommendation for you though if you have a really picante salsa. I combine it with a portion of mayonnaise and plain non-fat yogurt. I use equal amounts of mayonnaise and yogurt, then I add salsa to taste. It is delicious over our favorite fish tacos, in sandwiches, and even as a salad dressing!  Try it and eat it! Here is my original post:

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All In A Day’s Work

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The other day Mr. M and I visited our local produce stand. While we were there, I discovered several items that were marked down. In fact, the lady behind the counter was removing two pound bags of baby carrots from their refrigerator and putting them on the markdown shelves. So I snapped them up along with a few other items.

I usually do not buy “baby carrots” because I know that they really are not, but are actually overly processed items. But these were less than 25 cents a pound and I knew a good use for them: Zanahorias en Escabeche, Mexican style pickled carrots. One of my favorite condiments.

Zanahorias en Escabeche

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Would You Eat A Huarache?

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Huarache, literally translated, means sandal or shoe. But I am talking about a Mexican treat that is sort of a stuffed tortilla. When we were living in Mexico, we would enjoy huaraches when we visited the “swami“.  They are handmade cakes from masa, a paste made of corn flour that is filled with refried beans, then baked on a flat griddle or comal. Topped off with cheese and salsa, and sometimes meat, they are yummy.

I have no idea where I can find them here in Florida, so true to my fashion, I tried making my own. I am not so adept with tortilla making, so my attempt was not so beautiful, but was tasty!
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