Making Plumeria Blossom Jelly

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Mr. M and I have several collections of flowers, such as roses and plumerias. Although most people associate the plumeria, or frangipani, flower with Hawaii, they are actually indigenous to Mexico. The plants were originally taken to Hawaii by Mexican workers. In Hawaii they are sometimes called Cemetery plants Read the rest of this entry »


The Green Wall

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Despite having a housefull of kids for several weeks, I have been able to do some gardening. Because of various things, like travel, my summer garden was started late this year, but seems to have done well so far.

In Mexico, it is very common to build right up to the property line; Read the rest of this entry »

Fixing the Potty

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A week or so ago Mr. M discovered that the toilet in our guest bathroom seemed to have a leak. An investigation confirmed that, yes indeed, there was a leak from the bolts that hold the tank to the base. Since we are pretty much frugal do-it-ourselfers, we are sure that we can fix the simple problem. Read the rest of this entry »

Surprise Visitors

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Today we had some surprise visitors, a pair of hooded orioles. They spent some time cleaning insects off of a guava tree in my garden. I tried to get a photo of them but they were far too busy to pose for me! Although I enjoyed watching their antics, one of our resident hummingbirds did not. Read the rest of this entry »