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The Motherload!

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I am learning how to do machine embroidery. It is much more complicated that I originally thought. Different stabilizers for different fabrics and effects. Different types of threads and needles. The first embroidery thread I bought was a package of Embroidex thread from my favorite online mall. It was fairly inexpensive polyester thread but good for me to learn with.

Recently a friend and I were making some purchases in our local Joanne’s fabric store. As we checked out there was a large tub of thread near the register. A small sign said 97 cents per spool. I peeked in and caught my breath when I saw that it was Sulky Rayon thread in 250 yard spools. For those who don’t know, the same thread usually sells for about $5.00 a spool here in Florida. 97 cents! A steal! I quickly gathered up several spools and as the cashier started to ring them up, she exclaimed, “Oh these are only 50 cents each now.”

My friend and I bought the entire tub! Although I could use a few more bright colors, it looks like I am set for embroidery and topstitching for a while! Here a picture of my new thread:




Thanks Big Brother!

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I have to give a shout out to my brother who is seven years older than me. When we were kids, one Christmas I received a little, metal toy kitchen that had a tank to fill with water and when the tap in the sink was opened water would run out. Okay by me, but the best gift, in my opinion then, went to my older brother. He received an erector set! For those among you who don’t know this “toy”. It was a set of flat perforated metal bars of various lengths, and nuts and bolts that fit into the holes. One could assemble things by bolting the flat pieces together. Read the rest of this entry »

They Say Its My Birthday

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Well, it will be tomorrow. Mr. M is not one to buy many cut flowers. He would much prefer to buy a plant. But surprise! Today he brought me a huge bouquet for my birthday. Here it is:


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