A Box of Candy?

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A few days ago our mail carrier delivered a well padded envelope which Mr M retrieved. When he brought it in he shook it slightly and asked, “Did you get a box of candy?”. Looking at the Chinese lettering on the outside of the envelope I laughed and said, “Well, sort of…”. Not really candy, but for me, almost as exciting: it was a set of 44 sewing machine presser feet.

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I Told You That I Like to Sew!

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My photographs are not professional and, as we used to say in my art classes, I am using the “starving artist’s model”. But then, who else would model clothes I make for myself? Recently, I bought a mystery fabric box. In it was 4 yards of fabric that I thought I would never use. It is really far from my usual mostly neutral wardrobe. What do they say, step out of the box? Well, here it is:


It turned out well, I think. I used this pattern:


I did have to make a few adjustments to fit it to myself, but I am happy with the way it turned out. I made the sleeveless version because it is always warm here in Florida. I had cut out the sleeves but decided not to add them. What did I do with the sleeves? I made a matching bra. No, I am not going to model that!

I still have a relatively large piece of this fabric, so I guess I will be making something else from it. I have to think about that!

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Post It!

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I spend a lot of time sewing, almost every day. I love to sew but, like most of us, I seem to have a myriad of interruptions. Who knew? I am retired! I thought that I would have endless hours to fill with stuff. Ha! I am busy all of the time!

To add to the interruptions, for some reason, I seem to forget stuff now, like what kind of needle I was using in any one of my three sewing machines. I am pretty sure it has NOTHING to do with my age! Must be something else!

Anyway, different types of fabrics need different types of sewing machine needles. To remind me what needle I have in the machine, I use a small post-it note with the information. This way if I have to go do something else, I have no problems when I return. I actually put the note on the machine when I insert the needle, that way I don’t forget when I have an interruption.

Try it! I hope you find it to be a helpful tip!

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We live in a older manufactured home. Our “Master Suite” is pretty roomy and accommodates a king sized bed easily. The other bedroom, however is very small. When we bought our house the second bedroom barely accommodated a twin sized bed.

I decided that since all of our overnight company would be at least two people at a time  the tiny bedroom was useless for company. I chose to rehome the twin bed and convert the room to my sewing and craft room. I bought a hide-a-bed couch with a queen sized bed in it for our living room. Our three comfy recliners can also be used for sleeping in a pinch.

Even without a bed in it the bedroom is still tiny and I am constantly looking for ways to store my precious sewing supplies. Well, today on my way to an exercise class I noticed a metal rack that had been set out for the recycling.


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