Living Color

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The zinnias in my garden are really putting on an exuberant show! The heat has finished off my tomatoes and green beans but I am loving the flowers that are taking over. What a treat from just a few seeds.

Have you ever Seen This?

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If you don’t live in a tropical or sub-tropical zone you may have not. What I am talking about is the blossom of the mango tree. We have two new mango trees in our mini orchard. This is the first time I have seen mango flowers! Read the rest of this entry »

Free To A Good Home

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In our little community, usable but unwanted items are put out next to the street. Invariably, someone will come along and claim them. We bought a smaller wheelbarrow because this behemoth was too much for me to handle. Mr. M made the cute little sign and put it next to the street. When we got up the next  day, sure enough, it was gone. I hope it has a good new home!

Night Moves

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I know if you are my age you are humming the song now. You’re welcome. But then this post is really about plants. When we moved into our new home I brought some freshly dug daylilies with me. Wanting to preserve them, I just dug some holes next to the back patio and plopped them in. They thrived.


Fast forward to tonight. Read the rest of this entry »