Make a Do-It-Your-Self “Heat Seat”

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A friend of mine started having a great deal of pain with her sciatic area. I have had surgery for sciatic issues previously and found that heat was a help for the pain. It relaxed my muscles that would tense from the pain. I thought that a little warmth might help my friend also, so I decided to make her a “Heat Seat”. It is sort of a takeoff on my Girl Scout “Sit-Upon”, from days of old. Have I ever mentioned that I was a Girl Scout for 25 years? From Brownies to Senior Scout, then Troop Leader for two Girl Scout troops.

This particular sit-upon can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer to provide a cold treatment. Read the rest of this entry »

I Made A Thing

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I am ecstatic to say that I have a new great grand daughter! She was born at 35 weeks gestation due to my grand daughter having some medical issues, but both of them are fine and healthy! I am so happy to report!

I have been busy sewing things for our new baby despite the fact that she is far away. Because she was early, I set to work sewing some preemie clothes and mailed them off to mom. But now I am sewing the next size up, zero to three months.

Here is one of the little outfits I have made for her. It is a pair of pajamas and a hair band with a tulle bow with a little stuffie made from the fabric. It is 100 percent cotton.



I am looking forward to seeing her in her outfit at Thanksgiving!

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Friday Fun

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I cannot believe it! Someone finally took an actual photo of the Florida “State Bird”, the mosquito indigenous to our state! Or why one fears to go out after twilight here:

Florida Mozzi
Florida mozzi

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