A Mighty Puzzle

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Its like a giant puzzle
Its like a giant puzzle

What do a laptop, a new printer, nearly a whole roll of clear tape, a pair of paper-cutting scissors and a lot of printer paper have in common? A new sewing pattern! Today I spent some time figuring out how to put a digital sewing pattern together. It is an interesting process:

1. Buy the pattern online

2. Download the pattern to my laptop. Now this particular pattern came in not one, not two, but three separate downloads!

3. Set up our brand new wireless printer.Figure out how to print in draft, super cheapest mode.

4. Print out what seemed like a hundred separate pages.

5. Spread the pages out on a king sized bed (no they didn’t all fit!) while trying to keep them in order.

6. Look at the laptop to see which pieces I need for my project. Try to figure out from a pdf file which pages have the correct pieces.

7. Tape the necessary pages together.

8. Cut the sections for my project out.

9 Carefully gather up all of the unused pages in order so I can save them for the next time.

After all of that here is the result:

The assembled piece
The assembled piece

Of course, I will make a few adjustments since most patterns need that. I am going to try making myself my first tankini for my water aerobics class. Wish me luck!

A New Blog Challenge

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Back in 2012, I participated in an online bloggers’ challenge. Here is a post about it. I am going to try participating in a new challenge. Its for “food bloggers” which I am not exactly, as you can tell if you have read many of my postings. I am a random blogger, I guess. I am supposed to post a food post once a week. Wish me luck!

Here are the P’s and Q’s about the challenge. Read the rest of this entry »

Two Types Zucchini Relish at Once

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What to do with a giant zucchini

Three times recently when I visited our favorite local produce stand I have been tempted by the huge zucchini they were selling for only 25 cents each. Finally I could resist no longer, especially since growing zucchini in my Florida garden is beyond challenging! So far this season I have had some kind of stem borers, two rounds of voracious caterpillars, and now: ta daa! Mildew! I love baby zucchini for dinner, so to buy the kind that I used to abandon on my neighbors’ porches kind of goes against the grain. Anyway, not only did I buy one biggie, I bought four! Read the rest of this entry »

Today Is A Banner Day!

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Many, many years ago (1999 actually) I went back to college because I broke my arm badly enough to ruin my previous career. I knew nothing about Social Security Disability Insurance or anything else that might have helped me financially so I took out a one semester student loan.

Later my Rehabilitation counselor actually asked me why I wasn’t receiving SSDI and walked me through what to do. I am permanently disabled. Do you think that had any effect on paying back my Student loan? Nope!

But today, yes, TODAY I finally paid my student loan off in full! I actually used my own Federal funding to pay off my Federal Loan. (I haven’t been able to work).

What am I talking about, you ask? Well contrary to some opinions, SSDI is an insurance program that I paid into all of my working years. A sort of savings account that the Federal government collects and uses until a person needs it. Fortunately, most people don’t ever need it. I did.

I tried to convince Sallie Mae that they should waive my loan because I am permanently disabled, but they refused. So what money could I use to pay the Federal government? My Federal savings account, SSDI. My personal Federal money to pay a Federal debit.

It has taken me YEARS to pay it off but I did it! AND I didn’t default on my loan! So today is a banner day for me!! I think I may have to have a little party…